Azon Investigator Review

  • Product name: Azon Investigator
  • Creator: Ryan Martin, Chris Guthrie
  • Product Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Product Niche: Amazon, Niche Site, Affiliate Marketing
  • Official Website:
  • Launch Date: 2013-12-18 at 11:00 am EST
  • Price: $9-$17
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Azon Investigator|Azon Investigator Review

Azon Investigator – Amazon Research Made Easy

Are you looking for information about Azon Investigator Plugin? Is it worth your time and money? In this Azon Investigator Review, I’m going to tell you the answers of this product which is a “hot point”.  This plugin will be released by Ryan Martin, Chris Guthrie on 11:00 AM EST on December 18, 2013.

What is Azon Investigator?

Azon Investigator WP Plugin is a robust research plugin that allows you to do all of your Amazon product research from inside WordPress. With the click of a button, you can calculate your potential revenue for an item based off Amazon’s variable commission structure.

About the author

Azon Investigator was created by Ryan Martin and His partner Chris Guthrie. Ryan Martin is a expert about building sites to make tons of cash with Adsense, Amazon. He is truly about to revolutionize the way you build your Amazon sites. He’s been building Adsense and Amazon sites for years now and is always massively successful. As you can see, almost his previous product launching is very useful. Some of his last product such as: Azon Apocalypse, Azon Annihilation,  Azon Insta Review, Adsesen Armageddon, Azon Cash Code. And Now is Azon Investigator

What main features of Azon Investigator?

  • No more jumping around to different software and websites. Find profitable Amazon products to promote without ever leaving WordPress.
  • Search in any Amazon category to be precise or leave it blank for more exposure.
  • Sort by price to ensure you earn maximum commissions for every product you promote.
  • Gain an edge over your competition by ensuring you are choosing the best products.
  • Instantly find the selected product in Amazon or Google with the click of a button.
  • Instantly see upcoming holidays and popular times of year without leaving WordPress.
  • Pillage from a list of popular Amazon products for each holiday.
  • Automatically email yourself x weeks before a holiday to remind you to build and rank your site.
  • Have your site at the top of Google BEFORE your competitors.
  • Don’t EVER miss another holiday opportunity!
  • Enter a few simple numbers and calculate your potential estimated revenue for each product.
  • Uses Amazon’s variable commission structure so you get an accurate result.
  • Uses the current product’s price as a variable which is one less piece of information you have to input.
  • See at a glance if the product is a potential winner or loser.
  • Makes it much easier to set your revenue goals and try reach them.

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Why should you use Azon Investigator?

  • If you don’t know Chris Guthrie and Ryan Martin, you need to crawl out from under the bed! These guys know everything Amazon, and they’ve been developing this WordPress plugin that allows you to do all your product research INSIDE WordPress.
  • This powerful plugin will help uncover hidden niches and potential moneymakers by showing you all of the current trends and best selling products.
  • If you’ve ever trawled through Amazon’s ‘Best Sellers’ lists you know how difficult it is to sort through it to find a worthy product to promote. A search on Amazon spews out 100′s of products spread out over 5 pages. Well this plugin fixes all that by showing you all the juicy data you need right inside WordPress, making your decision process really fast and really easy.
  • With Azon Investigator you can now view all the top Amazon categories like Best Sellers, Movers & Shakers, etc. AND Google trends without leaving WordPress.
  • Easily find the best items to promote to make you the most amount of money with the least competition available.
  • This plugin quick search for products on Amazon in any category. Say you wanted to know the top-selling game console on Amazon. Well then all you’d do is type in ‘console’ and set a price range of ‘$50 to $600′, select ‘electronics’ and it will pull the sales data from Amazon in just seconds.
  • Easily calculate your potential revenue for each individual product with the click of a button and ensure your Amazon site will be profitable before you ever build it.
  • Use Azon Investigator To Free Up Your Time So You Can Finally Enjoy Your Life. All you need to do is enter your ‘Access Key ID’ and ‘Secret Access Key’ from your Amazon Affiliate account and you’re all set. The plugin will do all the hard work for you from now on.

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Video Demo

How about price of Product?

Maybe after looking at some great functions of Azon Investigator, you think that it will be expensive, right? NO! It only costs $9-$17 in price . In my opinion, this is a soft price for an awesome plugin that could help you find the top selling products on Amazon FAST.  I highly recommend you should get it NOW when the price at lowest. Because the price will increase . So if you decide to use it, quickly to grab it right now!

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To sum up, Azon Investigator is really a good partner for people who want to find the top selling products on Amazon FAST and Make More Money. I think with all of them, it is enough for you to be able to get a massive income. “A success depend so much on the decision” and now this is a time for you to give a decision!  The last good news that will make your excited about this product is that Azon Investigator comes with 100% money back guarantee – no question asked. It means that you have no risk give it a try, right?Awesome! What you are waiting for?

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Your Decision,Your Success.Thank you for reading my Azon Investigator Review. Best wishes to you,Cheers!

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